MyCoolClass is an international teachers’ cooperative with its own online teaching platform. We connect the best teachers from around the world with the keenest learners in a fun, open and culturally diverse space. What’s more, we give teachers the chance to own their workplace. 

As a worker-cooperative, we follow the seven principles set forth by the International Cooperative Alliance.
 We are registered in the United Kingdom as a society and  members of Co-operatives UK.  



Teacher Benefits

You’re the boss. You are free to create your own lessons in your own way. You control your bookings and schedule and you set your own prices.

It’s easy to manage students on our teaching platform.

Screen sharing, file management, whiteboard use, and the organization of material is simple and intuitive. The platform is available in 10 languages right now and more are on the way!

Better wages, better benefits and total transparency.

Teachers pay 19% of their monthly earnings into the cooperative. This covers operating costs and a contribution to the general fund to help us grow. Part of the 19% also goes into your paid time off!  We have no shareholders taking a cut. As a member, you own the company too, and get to have your say in what happens to any profits.

Paid time off.

Teachers will accumulate 7 days annually of paid sick or personal leave according to their contribution and average daily salary. We want teachers to take care of themselves when they are sick or to take a vacation without losing income. You can only take out what you put in.

No penalties or fines for cancellations if you are sick or have an emergency.

Bad stuff happens.  If you have a family emergency or need to take a few days off,  just cancel your classes and let the support team know.

Anytime, any place, anywhere

Our platform works wherever you are and wherever the road takes you.  All you need is an internet connection. Our platform also works in China without restrictions.

You help make the decisions that matter.

Every teacher will have access to a members-only website dedicated to the co-op, with financial information, rules and regulations, election information, polls, and more. Any member may also run for the Board of Directors.

Create and collaborate

Start or join a Creation Team and develop courses with other teachers.  Submit your courses for approval by the Curriculum Board and then our  Design Team will bring your course to life! You and your team will earn royalties when your course is sold!

Help those that need it most

MyCoolClass plans to launch a programme to provide free tutoring to economically disadvantaged children by creating a non-profit fund.

Flexible and efficient payment

MyCoolClass has a variety of payment options to make sure you get paid as efficiently as possible.

All teachers are welcome.

If you are qualified to teach the subjects that you offer, you are welcome.  We don’t care who you are, where you are from, where you live, or what language you speak. Discrimination isn’t cool and has no place in education.


If you like what we are doing and want to show support as we grow,
your donations are appreciated.

Teacher-Owned Platform Co-Op


Yes, that is right!!! All teachers become a co-owner and have a stake in the company. As a cooperative, there is no “Big Boss” or investors making all the decisions. Each member has a stake in the company and an equal vote.


Cooperation Among Cooperatives


Economic Participation


Paid Personal Leave

Training & Education

No Draconian Policies