MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited is a teacher-owned learning platform comprised of hundreds of independent teachers and tutors around the world. We have discovered a significant niche to help independent teachers and students alike and are determined to change online education by creating a democratic online work environment for educators to provide quality service to their students.

We were created by working teachers, not big shot investors seeking to turn huge profits in a multi-billion-dollar industry. The founding members of MyCoolClass have meticulously addressed all the problems that teachers and students encounter in online learning. We’ve asked hundreds of experienced teachers around the world who have worked with various platforms to provide feedback on the issues they and their students face and have found solutions to these issues which gives MyCoolClass a big advantage over industry giants.

While our technology or services are not entirely unique, we have already proven that our cooperative model attracts highly qualified and professional educators with a standard much higher than our competitors. This is important because the success of our competitors is focused on profits and largely based on the quantity, not quality, of teachers, combined with exploitative payment structures and revenue models. MyCoolClass simply believes that quality, transparency, and worker-ownership will be nothing less than a success and that we can be an authority in the online education industry.



Why MyCoolClass?

When Coronavirus forced us all indoors, online education skyrocketed.

Tens of thousands of online teachers suffered massive pay cuts while the investors behind e-learning platforms were amassing huge profits.

Most platforms backed by venture capital, received billions in funding in 2020-21. The investors want to maximize profits, often at the expense of teachers who are working harder and longer with less pay. Being freelancers, online teachers are often exploited and ripped off. They feel helpless and face a “take it or leave it” workplace environment.

Discrimination also runs rampant in online education. It is common for companies to adopt unethical hiring and marketing practices that hurt both teachers and students alike. They perpetuate the ‘native-speaker’ myth. They ask for degrees, even if they are not related to teaching or education. Teachers are getting paid according to their passport and papers rather than their expertise, qualifications, and experience.

MyCoolClass was founded by independent teachers who want a better option – a chance to own their workplace. The fair and democratic way to make this happen was to start a worker-cooperative where everyone has a voice and an equal vote in decision-making.

What started as just a thought, quickly spread to many of like-minded teachers from all over the world. Several people stepped up and helped make MyCoolClass a reality. We found the right people with the right skills and talents to make MyCoolClass a dream come true.

As all of us are regular working people with families who are just trying to enjoy life and pay the rent. MyCoolClass wasn’t created with lots of money, but with sweat equity, dedication, passion, and love. It was funded by donations from teachers and fellow cooperators.

MyCoolClass is not political, but we do all agree that ‘business as usual’ does not benefit most people. We also believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, language, sex, gender identity, who you love, age, religion, or faith. We are all humans and want a better world, free of hate, poverty, and violence. We want a world made for real people, not corporations. Period.

Board of Directors

MyCoolClass has a diverse Board of Directors with a variety of talents and skills, working closely together virtually from Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

John P. Hayes

John P. Hayes

Director of Operations


Tawanda Chabara

Tawanda Chabara

Director of Finance


Urszula Małyszko

Urszula Małyszko

Director of Art & Design


Heira Hardiyanti

Heira Hardiyanti

Co-op Director