Join the founding team to hear the story behind MyCoolClass and learn all about how we are challenging an exploitative industry by developing our own platform.


MyCoolClass is the only global online learning platform cooperative owned by teachers, workers, and investor members.


Our mission is to bring fairness and equity to a sector defined by rampant profiteering and exploitation, in which both teachers and students are both exploited by platform owners and where colonial era attitudes prevail, valuing teachers based in the developed anglosphere regardless of ability more than proficient English speakers based in the rest of their world.


We are raising capital to develop our platform and market ourselves to students and teachers around the world.


With your help, we can build an alternative to the venture-capital owned giants that can challenge the online learning sector, because platforms live or die by the teachers who teach on them. After years of poor pay and job insecurity, we believe that teachers are ready for something better, something new, something different. That’s exactly MyCoolClass.


For more information, you can review our share offer and business plan.


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