We at MyCoolClass.com are humbled by the response from not only teachers that want to join, but supporters of the cooperative business model, and folks who simply like the idea. It’s time to take the money from the pockets of silent investors and put it into that of the teachers and their communities. Together we can bring meaningful change to the world of online teaching.

Our goal is not to line our pockets with millions of dollars, but to give qualified teachers across the globe the opportunity to have a stake in their future. The members of this cooperative will be the beneficiaries. We will not succumb to private investors that merely desire to tuck away profits without any real contribution to the cooperative community.

Now, it’s time to take the necessary steps to properly register the cooperative. We are fortunate to be in contact with some absolute rock stars in the cooperative realm. Many qualified, passionate experts on the co-op business model have reached out to us, offering to help us steer in the right direction. The support and advice from these warriors of equality have been pleasantly overwhelming.

MyCoolClass.com will be working directly with a cooperative consultant that will assist us in registering the cooperative as a legal entity in the UK. We have settled on this location due to its friendliness towards the cooperative business model, reasonable tax obligations, and ease of operation.

Of course, as with any project, funding is an imperative ingredient. We have officially launched a crowdfunding campaign with the hopes of raising $20,000 USD. With these funds, we will be able to form the cooperative’s legal entity and complete the customizing of our Learning Management System.

We humbly ask for your contributions to help make this project a reality. A tiny bit of help from a lot of people can be the catalyst that starts the revolution. We can bring the necessary change to benefit teachers, students, and the world.

Please share our project with others. Our team is always willing to answer questions and share our vision with anyone interested.

We appreciate your interest in this cooperative movement and send our heartfelt appreciation.

Scott Anderson

For more information, please visit our website at www.coop.mycoolclass.com

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