In these Conditions “the Co-operative” means MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited and “Loan Stock” means ‘2021-22 Loan Stock’ as issued under these Conditions.

  1. ISSUE

This issue of Loan Stock is in compliance with our rules and authorized by the Co-operative’s Board of Directors to be issued between December 23, 2021, and May 1st, 2022, totalling no more than £10,000, reaching maturity in 1-3 years from date of issue.

Loan Stock is to be issued in whole British Pound Sterling only and is non-transferable with a minimum required issue of £50 and not exceeding £5,000.


Interest shall be paid on the amount of Loan Stock shown overleaf, at the annual rate specified overleaf. The annual rate of interest shall be not more than 5%. The interest shall be calculated on 30th January each year to the nearest penny. The interest shall be payable gross on the 30th of January each year either as a further allotment of Loan Stock or payment by bank transfer. For the interest to be paid as further Loan Stock, the pounds shall be issued as Loan Stock and the pence shall stand as a debt of the Co-operative to the Lender and be added to further interest payments. In the case of repayment of Loan Stock on any date other than 30th January, the sum repaid shall include interest calculated to the date of repayment.


Digital Certificates shall be given to show the issue of Loan Stock within 5 business days of purchase from the Co-operative’s website and receipt of the transfer of funds. Further Digital Certificates shall be given for the further Loan Stock issued as interest payments. Consolidation of Certificates shall be possible upon notifying the Treasurer and both parties sign an acknowledgement of Consolidation of Digital Certificates. Where part of the amount of Loan Stock indicated on a Certificate is to be repaid, a new Certificate shall be issued in respect of the amount of Loan Stock outstanding.


The Loan Stock shall be repaid in full as specified on the application form in a term of 1, 2, or 3 years from date of issue. The Co-operative may, at its discretion, accept applications for early repayment of Loan Stock and subject to the following conditions:

a) An email to the Treasurer stating the amount requested to be repaid shall be sent to [email protected] as well as your name and Digital Stock Certificate number.

b) Repayment shall normally be made after the period of time indicated below, depending on the amount to be repaid and so long as proper notice has been received:

Amount repaid:                                 Notice Required:

less than £250                                    1 month

£250 – £500                                        2 months

more than £500                                 3 months



The Co-operative shall repay its Loan Stock in full immediately, if it should:

  1. a) be in breach of these Conditions
  2. b) be overdue on any payment by 21 days or more
  3. c) pass a resolution for winding up or make an effective instrument of dissolution or go into liquidation or have an administrative receiver appointed over any of its assets or have an administration order made against it (see point 6). 

Holding Loan Stock confers no right to attend meetings or participate in any way in the management of the Co-operative. Loan Stockholders shall receive a copy of the Co-operative’s annual report and accounts.

These conditions shall not in any way be affected by the Loan Stockholder becoming or ceasing to be a member of MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited.

These conditions may be varied at any time by agreement between MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited and the Stockholder.

Loan stock is non-transferable.


Note that the order of creditors for a Society, such as MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited, is legal charges, preferential creditors, floating charges, unsecured creditors (which category includes loan stock), trade creditors.


MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited is an online platform and conducts all business electronically. All transactions shall be made electronically by means of bank transfer, or Wise, in British Pound Sterling only. MyCoolClass is not responsible nor will credit any fees that may be associated with international bank transfers or losses due to conversions to or from other currencies.

After completing and submitting the following loan stock application, you will be redirected to a new page with our account information to make a bank transfer of your subscribed amount.  After your transfer clears in our account, we will send your digital certificate within five business days. If you wish to purchase loan stock by debit or credit card, or through another currency, please contact [email protected] for assistance. 



Loan Stock Application
£50 min - £5,000 max British Pound Sterling
We are hoping investors will consider the current low rates of interest when choosing the interest rate for Loan Stock as this will make our position stronger in the long term.