So, who are the movers and shakers behind MyCoolClass? Let’s meet our Chief Operations Director, John Hayes.


Where are you from?

 California, USA


 What do you teach?



Why did you become a teacher?

 It was a career change after I moved abroad. I’ve always liked helping people and teaching was the perfect career fit.


 What do you do when you are not teaching?

 Playing guitar (punk rock) and going to concerts, hiking and anything outdoors, anti-racism and labor rights activism, learning about history and how society and people change, reading everything.


 What music / food / films / books do you like?

 Punk rock and reggae, Lebanese food, true crime/drama, historical (non-fiction)


 What is your ambition?

 I have always been passionate about fighting for the underdog, eliminating unfair power structures, and making the world a nicer place.


Tell us something important/funny/strange that has happened to you?

 I was a private investigator for 10 years and worked in fugitive recovery and missing persons.  I once had to spend 19 hours hiding in a tree and my colleagues started calling me Birdman afterwards. My other nickname was Bones. That one is self-explanatory.


What attracted you to MyCoolClass?

 Personally, I have loved co-ops for a long time and after the past couple of years teaching online, I found no reason teachers can’t do this themselves. These platforms are making big money off the backs of working teachers, who have no job stability. Everyone is trying to get rich and it’s a dog-eat-dog competition, a rat race for success. Unfortunately, many people do not think another way is possible and I want to prove them wrong and encourage others to cooperative and take over their workplace. An international collective of teachers sounds like a terrific way to start.

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