So, who are the movers and shakers behind MyCoolClass? We asked our Operations Director Scott Anderson to answer a few questions.


Where are you from?

Virgina, USA but now live in Poland.


 What do you teach?



Why did you become a teacher?

Originally, I became a teacher to pay the bills while I looked for work after moving abroad. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and discovered that I had a knack for working with young learners. I have not looked back after 14 years of teaching both online and in person.


What do you do when you are not teaching?

I love spending time in nature. I am always happy to be surrounded by forest and love camping, hiking, and simply relaxing with friends and loved ones by a campfire.

I also love travelling. When visiting a new city, I want to board a city bus without knowing the destination and ride until I see something interesting. Then, I’ll board another bus, wash, rinse, repeat.  I’ll research and attempt to find the oldest known structure in the place I am visiting.


What music / food / films / books do you like?

I love all food. Cooking is probably my main passion inside the home, and I carry this with me when I am in nature. Even if I am camping, you can rest assured the meals will be more than just sausages on the campfire. Gourmet every day!

My film interests are not so broad. I generally enjoy “off beat” comedies or films based on true stories. I love all music and have an extremely wide range of musical tastes. Whether it’s free jazz or the heaviest metal, I just love music. Some of my biggest influences have been Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, early U2, The Grateful Dead, and much, much more. Today I would tell you that Herbie Hancock’s “Headhunters” is the best album ever made, but this opinion could very well change by tomorrow 🙂


What is your ambition?

Currently, to bring MyCoolClass to completion, to give teachers around the world a place where they can feel secure in their workplace. As a cooperative we can help teachers benefit not only themselves and their students, but their communities as a whole. Outside of the workplace my ambition is to raise my children to be community minded adults who reach out and grab what they want and help those in need as they go.


Tell us something important/funny/strange that has happened to you?

Moving abroad “fixed” me. I lived the first 30 years of my life essentially where I was born. It was not until I was thrusted into a situation that required me to leave that place that I realized why I had to. Living in an entirely different culture helped me to see past the bubble I had been trapped in. Understanding that there was a huge world beyond my version of small-town America was a profound experience. It was scary at times, but I am all the better for it now. It helped me gain compassion and understanding for things I did not understand, for things I had never experienced. I feel that everyone should go beyond their comfort zone. There is an entire world out there that will surprise you at every turn.


What attracted you to MyCoolClass?

The idea that I could help bring real change to those that need it. The cooperative business model has always interested me, and when I was asked to come on board as a co-founder, I jumped at the opportunity to help bring this initiative to fruition.

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