As a worker-cooperative, we do not hire teachers, but accept membership.
All qualified, passionate, and awesome teachers are welcome to apply to join MyCoolClass no matter where you live in the world as long as you have a suitable internet connection for teaching.

MyCoolClass follows the 7 Principles outlined by the International Cooperative Alliance and live by the rule of one-worker, one-vote.

Application Process

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It only takes a few minutes to apply for membership.

Enter Your Info

Complete required fields on application form.

Upload Documents

Upload identification and proof of qualifications*

*For language instructors, you need at the minimum a language teaching certificate (e.g. TEFL for teaching English, ELE for Spanish etc.)

*For other subjects or skills, you should have proof that you qualified to teach the lessons and courses you offer. If a certificate or degree does not apply to what you teach, such as a guitar instructor, your experience and prior work should be reflected in your CV/Resume.

Membership Agreement

Read and agree to the terms of membership.

Check Email

You will be notified by email within 10 working days after submitting your application.

Membership Agreement

To be eligible for Membership as a Teacher/User Member,
and to maintain Membership once admitted, a person must:


1. Be over 18 years of age.

2. Never have been convicted of a violent of sexual offense in any country and be willing to submit to a criminal background check at any time.

3. Provide proof of their identity by submitting a clear high-quality photo of either;
a) Passport  or  b)  Government-issued ID card and Secondary Proof of ID, such as driving license, professional license, military or student ID, employee ID, University Degree etc.

4. Complete all required Member profile data and keep updated with any changes.

5. Be able to accept payment by one of the MyCoolClass payment systems (Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer if a UK bank account).

6. Agree and adhere to the Terms of Service, and all regulations in the MyCoolClass Handbook,
including any such code of conduct as may be put in place by the Board of Directors.

7. Stay informed about co-operative news, meetings, and events.

8. Promote MyCoolClass and co-operatives in a positive light and make a conscious effort to take part in the co-operative, including attending General Meetings.

9. Subscribe to purchase the minimum shareholding of £1.

10. Pay a platform onboarding fee. Applicants who are approved and verified to teach must pay an onboarding fee between £5-£25 as according to our fee schedule within 7 days. The onboarding fee is non-refundable and will convert to a £1 Member share (see 10) after completing the probationary period and being granted Membership.

11. After achieving Membership, starting on their first ‘birthday’ and each concurrent ‘birthday’, each user Member will pay an annual Membership fee equivalent to the onboarding fee. This will be deducted from the user Members’ account each year.

12. 19% of platform teaching fees will be deducted by the co-operative to cover business overheads, provide Member benefits, and contribute to the general fund. The 19% deduction is not refundable.

13. Have provided 50 hours of teaching time through the MyCoolClass platform. Teacher Users may have their lessons viewed by admin staff during the 50-hour probationary period.

14. Satisfactorily complete a co-operative training and induction process. Training will consist of
reading and familiarizing themselves with the MyCoolClass Handbook, a selection of texts and videos about what a worker cooperative is, and MyCoolClass governance and structure.

15. If training is not completed during the 50-hour period, the teacher will be notified and given 7 days to complete the training, unless special circumstances apply (such as illness or family emergency), and discretion should be used by admin. If the training is not completed, the teacher will be removed from the platform.

16. Generate platform income of at least £100 per month, averaged over a reasonable period, to remain a Member. This does not apply to holidays or scheduled time off. This shall be put into effect January 1st, 2022.

17. Submit proof of qualifications and/or certificates to teach each subject, course, or skill which they offer on the platform. All documents are subject to verification and qualifications will be determined to be satisfactory or not satisfactory by admin staff.

18. If teacher has an active account on the platform, they must regularly have a minimum of 8 hours open per week on their schedule. This does not include leaves, holidays, vacations.

19. If a teacher takes leave of absence for longer than two weeks, they must contact their admin. If
leave of absence is longer 30 days and the teacher wishes to remain on the Marketplace during that time, there will be £25 monthly fee, unless in case of special circumstance and fee deemed
unreasonable by admin staff. If a teacher wishes to be removed from the platform during their
absence, there will be a £5 monthly fee. All teachers inactive for more than 3 months without approval will be removed from the platform and their teacher account will become inactive.

20. Teachers are expected to help promote MyCoolClass and uphold the brand image.

21. From 1st January 2022, Teachers must complete the probationary period within 90 days.

22. Teachers must have a laptop computer with webcam and reliable internet with stable connection.

23. Teachers may not offer any lessons, packages, courses, or webinars that are prohibited in the Handbook (e.g. bible study, pseudoscience, making weapons).

24. Teacher/Users and Members agree to confidentiality of MyCoolClass business and financial
information that is not in the public domain.