The day finally arrived and MyCoolClass threw open its doors for pre-registered teachers to sign up. 250 people signed up to the new cooperative online platform in the first three days! Our admins hit the ground running and started to process ID documents, certificates, signed agreements and videos – all the onboarding admin that will get our teachers in position to greet new students from the start of July.
What struck me was how quickly the spirit of cooperative work established itself. On our Facebook page people asked questions about cyber security, rules, processes, and intentions while others like friendly traffic cops pointed them to the right information. Everyone from coop founders to new members pitched in to help.  It reminded me of the first day at university where everyone is running around clutching papers and asking for directions. It has that buzz of freshness and opportunity. It almost feels like a family.
The variety of teachers is a pleasure to see. MyCoolClass is not going to be just language teachers. Far from it. I am keen to see what music classes I can sign up for once we start! (Octave mandolin anyone?)
There is a magic in beginnings, and this has been just the first beginning. The next one is when we open MyCoolClass to students on July 1st.  Will the admin who clicks ‘open to students’ says something dramatic and momentous?  ‘This is one small click for a mouse but a giant leap for teacherkind!’ I’d like to see that video on our Facebook page!
MCC is the product of the founders’ vision. But how will it evolve? Everyone who joins the company owns the company. What decisions will we all make to shape the cooperative in the future? What wealth of perspectives and experiences will benefit us all as we grow?  Hear that? The future just said ‘Hi!’

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